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As much as I enjoy cooking, it is no secret my true love in the kitchen is baking.  I usually try to take a bit more of a healthy approach (whole wheat flour, naturals sweatners like dried berries,yogurt instead of oil etc) , however with this recipe I through that mind-set out the window.  Sometimes life just calls for butter and lots of it!  I read about this cookies over at Pretty by the Bay, the simplicity of the recipe as well as a promise of a salty and sweet combo intrigued me.  This recipe is originally from Cook’s Illustrated I followed it almost exactly, except for 1/2 the batch I added a generous handful of dried cranberry, I guess I always feel the need to experiment and put my own personal touch on recipes!

Using a cookie scoop (one of my favorite kitchen gadgets–no more messy hands from rolling cookie dough into balls) place 12 cookies on a cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray.  Make sure there is enough room between each cookie, these spread out a bit.  This is where I need you to pay close attention as I almost skipped this step since it seemed a bit excessive.  Make sure to sprinkle the top of each cookie with 5-7 grains of course sea salt.  I know it seems a bit unnecessary but remember, we threw rational behavior out the window when we put almost TWO sticks of butter in to these most wonderful treats!

See that sea salt–mmmmmmmmm

Here are my thoughts on the taste.

The dough: wow not my proudest moment but I don’t regret sampling this raw egg goodness, delicious!

Cookies with cranberry: Pretty good but something just didn’t quit work, lesson learned

Original Cookies:Fresh out of the oven these were amazing, however I think I overcooked them a bit as they were a little to chrispy and hard for my liking the next day but still very tasty.



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Oatmeal Pancake

It is not secret that I love oatmeal.  I eat it every day, except in the peak of summer when it is just too hot. My co-workers always joke and ask what I have mixed in my “porage”-nut butter,jam, coconut, fruit, brown sugar and even sometimes cookies!  I might be a creature of habit but I do need a little variety in my life!  Last week I was craving pancakes and if you know me at all this is a bit strange since oatmeal (and most other cereals) are all I ever eat for breakfast food.  If I go to brunch I always order a lunch items, my favorite being the zook from Joe’s Boathouse.   So you might be asking-how does one fix their pancake craving when they don’t have any mix on hand?  Answer: Oatmeal pancake.

In a bowl I combine the following

1/2 cup oats

1/4 cup wheat flour

 1 mashed up ripe banana

sprinkle of cinnamon

a squirt or two of agave nectar

if you need more liquid add a splash of almond milk

Mix all ingredients together. 

 Spray frying pan with cooking spray, divide batter and make two pancakes in frying pan.  Cook on each side until browned. 


I topped mine with peanut butter and jelly but you could also use yogurt or syrup.  Enjoy!


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