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Bacon stuffed cabbage

No need for a witty title here…this recipe speaks for itself. This dish is based on another great recipe from How to Grill. Last Saturday, Andrew and I  decided at the last minute to have a few friends (including Lizzie) over for some grilling, chilling, and olympic watching.

We have had our eye on this recipe since we first flipped though the How to Grill cookbook. When we received a cabbage in our Boston Organics delivery, we knew it was time to give it a go.

While putting this recipe turned out to be a group effort as four of us hung out in the kitchen and sipped on beer and wine, it was a really simple technique to follow.

To start, we cooked up some bacon and onions:

As the bacon mixture was cooking, we removed the core of a whole cabbage.

Once the bacon was cooked through, we pulled the bacon and onions out of the cast iron pan, mixed in some DennyMike’s Hot n’ Nasty BBQ sauce and stuffed the whole mess into the cabbage.

The recipe suggested that we top the bacon mixture with butter, but we decided that was just too decadent. Dubliner sharp cheddar cheese on the other hand, completely appropriate. We finished cabbage prep by painting the outside of the cabbage with some leftover bacon drippings.

On to cooking the cabbage. We preheated the grill then set the cabbage in an aluminum foil nest and grilled it on indirect medium heat for about an hour.

The end result was as stunning as it was delicious.

We served the cabbage with grilled chicken, roasted potatoes and broccoli, although we all agreed the cabbage was the star of the show.

We will definitely be repeating this recipe sometime soon. However, I’d also be curious to see how this technique could work with other, more healthy fillings. Perhaps turkey bacon and veggies or a veggie, cheese and rice medley?  Do you have any ideas?


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